Friday, April 15, 2011

Cadbury Crusader

Alright, I am just going to come out and say it. I LOVE Easter candy. I mean I love holidays in general and any excuse for limited edition candy and chocolate to cover the shelves of the candy aisle is fine by me!
Another thing I love is the Mallomar. When you combine a mutated Mallomar cookie draped in smooth Cadbury chocolate for Ltd. Easter production you get the best cookie EVER.....ohh baby. Game over.

Although I have spent the last 4 years of my life in Canada, I am still an American to the core and thats why Mallomars have a special place 
in my heart.
And to make me feel better about my addiction I find out that I am not the only one thats overly obsessed with these sultry little temptresses, the demand for these bad boys is so high, that they have become an American icon of chocolatey proportions. 

People are legit nuts for Mallomars and 70% of them are sold in NY. Insanity. People are so crazy about these little 'smore-esque' crack-cookies that during the production months, people stock up on boxes to store them during the summer months when they are not available.

A Little History Lesson for all you crusaders:
Made since 1913 by Nabisco (then called the National Biscuit Company) in a single Pennsylvania bakery, Mallomars have a thick layer of rounded, smooth marshmallow on a circular Graham cracker base, all covered in pure dark chocolate. Because of the way in which the chocolate is poured over the marshmallow and Graham cracker, there is a nipple atop the Mallomar. Like on top of a soft serve ice cream cone. The best first bite.

Mallomar w/nipple bitten off
Mallomars are re-introduced by Nabisco every fall to salivating consumers in October and then usually disappear in mid-March. Because of the way they are made, Mallomars can't be made in the summer months. The Canadian factory that makes them halts production in March and resumes in September. oddly they are made in Canada but not sold there, they do have a crappier  alternate version called a Viva Puff.

Alright Crusaders, now Cadbury Came out with a limited edition amped up version of a Mallomar for Easter and its delicious. The anatomy of this gorgeous little cookie-of-the-gods is a chocolate biscuit replacing the grahm, then a round mallow with an orange jam in the middle and for the grand finale, its all drenched in sweet Cadbury milk chocolate.
Bigger isnt always better

These sweet little gems are so amazing. There is no nipple on the top, but the sweet, smooth milky chocolate is characteristically Cadbury. The Combination with the chocolate biscuit cookie would be too sweet, but the orange jelly in the middle has a really nice tangy citrus which cuts the sweetness nicely. The proportion between all three components is alright, the orange jam is off center and there should be more. They come in a great package of 10. I ate them all in 1 sitting.

Feed your addiction: Easter Style


  1. I'm loving this "nipple on the top" thing

  2. I really love cadbury easter chocolates they are delicious and yummy to eat. Thought I'd share!