Monday, March 21, 2011

Peeps go to the Dark Side

Easter is upon us, which means the Just Born candy company is busy pumping out mass quantities of, you guessed it, PEEPS.

PEEPS are just one of those things in life, you either love them or you hate them. I (obviously) think they are delicious in a nasty kind of way. The gritty sugar crystals crunch in your mouth and the marshmallow tastes like the packaging, but somehow they are strangely addictive and I am not the only one who thinks so. The Just Born company pumps out millions of ducks, bunnies and other specialty holiday shapes and flavors each year, but finally they are doing something even more legit... dipping them in chocolate. Thats right, its about to get dirty and I was able to get my hands on the dark chocolate version. PEEPS are finally going over to the dark side, in a good way.

The Ducks Go Dark, How Mysterious...

They are considerably better than the PEEPS that are totally covered in Chocolate. You get the crunchy head and upper torso of the peep which is intensely sweet, and then you get a simple, light dark chocolate shell on the bottom. Surprisingly, the chocolate has a nice bitter flavor and a very quick, smooth melt. I am impressed.

6 out of 10 

Okay, last year they introduced PEEPS covered entirely in chocolate, but it was an epic fail. True PEEP lovers go crazy over the sugar crystal coating and by smothering the whole thing in chocolate, they changed the anatomy of the PEEP. Bad move. Now they have gone back to the drawing board and have come out with milk and dark chocolate varieties which have just the bottom covered in chocolate. Bingo. Way better product. As pictured below, the PEEP completely engulfed in milk chocolate is nothing special. The marshmallow has that mass-produced generic flavor and the milk chocolate is chalky and sweet. This is not a total crime against candy, but its definitely on the verge. Good in theory, but so many people do it so much better. The flavored versions such as the raspberry chocolate Valentines Day heart are better because it has a bit of that floral, jammy flavor in the mallow.

3 out of 10
(For not knowing WHY people love your product)

Overall, these are a good addition to the traditional Easter Line of Chicks and Bunnies. Although they have a TON of line extensions within the PEEP Brand, this one seems to have some longevity and I think It will do well. The packaging safely protects the chicks, so they come nice and pristine and are at a great price point. For all 3, they come in at 170cal, which makes it a nice chocolate treat for the more calorie conscious. 

Ohh baby, these chicks are dangerous.

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