Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mmmm..... Mint

One trend that has kinda become a thing of the 80's is aerated chocolate. It was cool when it first came out, but seemed to be more of a novelty to American consumers rather than turning into a staple. Even though these bad boys are not really found in the US you can still find them and the staples are still out there, lucky for me... well, for you too.

Now lets talk Aero Bars. 

6.5 out of 10

Its not widely available in the USA but for a brief period of time in the 1980 they we in the US for mass distribution. Originally by Nestle UK they are now widely distributed in other countries in Europe as well as Australia. They come is a surprising amount of flavors, I didn't even know they had such diverse product lines! Who knew... And apparently you can et them if you're a BRO, so all of the Bros out there: DO NOT PANIC! YOU CAN EAT AERO BARS!

The flavors include the Original Aero (which consists of milk chocolate throughout) , Mint Aero, Caramel Aero, Dark Chocolate Aero, White Chocolate Aero, Latte flavour Aero, and Crispy Aeros (similar to NestlĂ© Crunch bars). Orange Aeros were sold for a while as well (and were my personal favorite). In the 1970s there were also Strawberry flavour bars (which are still sold in Japan). In the UK, and recently Canada, Aero Bubbles are also available which are small, round 'pop-able' morsels of awesome, but these are available in the milk chocolate and mint only. The Mint is the best alternative flavor and is easy for people to get their hands on. However there are 2 problems:
       1. They contain a lot of added crap such as soy lethicin (an emulsifier), and modified palm oil (which is code for: "I contain a ton of saturated fat which clogs your arteries and makes eating chocolate way less awesome")

Now Crusaders listen up:
Now, "over the counter" candy is awesome. Its all the generic stuff that you buy for a buck at gas stations, grocery stores and when you are just needing to get your fix. Trust me, I understand, however there is a price to pay for indulging a cheap, delicious 'self-medication' for your craving. Most of the generic candy has a significant amount of trans and saturated fats which is needed for their mass produced, long shelf lived lives so be careful!
That being said, I love mint aero bars. Its probably because they taste like Shamrock Shakes in chocolate bar form. even posing pictures of them makes me want to lick my computer screen. Yah, I have no shame.

With caramel top.. Like seriously, how effing good does this look?!

Although you can't taste the super milky and sweet milk chocolate coating, whatever, its not trying to be like an After Eight Bar or Junior Mints. Mint chocolate without a fondant center is a nice change of pace.

 Still the most ridiculously LEGIT and funky-fresh thing about Aero Bars is that.....
Japan has produced dozens of unique Aero flavors!!! YES! Just like Kit-Kats!! Among them Vanilla Milkshake, Hot Milk, Green Tea and others. They usually consist a flavoured, coloured chocolate centre and outer milk chocolate layer. Aero Cocoa (plain, Green Tea and Strawberry flavours) is also sold in Japan. In Australia there is also an Aero Temptations bar, which has the bubbly chocolate, but with a caramel topping.
Hot Milk

Ohhhh man, I love it! Now if they would stop putting saturated fat in everything then we would be golden. Try the 70% dark bar as a healthy addition to your EVERYDAY diet! 
Feed your Addiction Crusaders.

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