Thursday, January 20, 2011

Michevious Mast brothers

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Talk about some serious Chocolate Crusaders! These brothers from Brooklyn are LEGIT. No big deal or anything but when they decided to open their doors and create a premium quality, single-origin, craft chocolate they inadvertently turned the industry on its head, becoming the creators of the single-origin chocolate trend. From having close personal relationships with the cacao farmers they work with, to roasting, winnowing, stone grinding ad tempering their own chocolate these guys have some mad skills when it comes to creating some damn good chocolate. Not that they could become any more awesome, but each of their ridiculously gorgeous chocolate bars are hand wrapped with a thick artisanal-style 'butcher' paper up-ing the trendy factor of these

My good friend Karlye just happened to be in NYC last week and picked me up a couple. I had
-The Brooklyn Bar (Their signature. Which just happens to be extremely badass)
- Sea Salt and Almond Bar

The Brooklyn Bar (See below)

Alright this is their signature. Its a 74% Blend from beans on a couple different continents. (South America and Africa) Although the melt is a bit slow to start you get a very smooth texture once it gets going. There are sweet notes of plum,  and tobacco and has a really earthy intense flavor. Its name fits perfectly. The bar is dark and interesting with complex flavor notes. I guess thats what happens when you take such care in making your chocolate... it turns out fantastic.

Beautiful Temper

The Sea Salt and Almond Bar (See below)
This beauty comes in having 81% cacao. The almonds come from a local farm, are roasted in olive oil and are sprinkled on the top of the singe-origin Dominican Republic  Beans. So awesome. The salt cuts the smooth 'buttery' melt of the chocolate of the chocolate creating a wonderfully complex taste and the almonds are roasted, so the smokiness adds a dimension of depth as well. The minimal amount of salt compliments the smoky notes and helps to bring out all of the flavors, not overwhelming them.
The Sea Salt Almond Bar. Isnt is awesome?
  I personally think that there could be more almonds so you can get more in each bite, creating a better ration, but whatever these guys know how to make some serious stuff.

Overall these guys are pretty gangster, the ultimate crusaders, making everyone else look bad, one bar at a time.

The Brooklyn Bar: 8 out of 10
The Sea Salt Almond: 9 out of 10

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