Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sultry Snickers

     Alright crusaders, now I know that this blog is about pushing the creative limits of the candy and chocolate industry, but we can't ignore the classics now can we? The SNICKERS bar is one, if not THE most iconic candy bar ever created. The candy bar in itself is an icon, but this beast takes it to a whole different dimension. Now I am a huge fan of the craft and artisanal chocolate trend as much as the next person, but the vast majority of us eat 'over the counter' chocolate and with global sales of over 2 billion dollars last year i think the SNICKERS is a sweet way to start.
    The most important element of any chocolate bar is the ratio of the stuff that is inside. Bad ratio, bad bar. It throws off the harmony, essentially ruining the essence of the chocolate bar... now having said that, the classic SNICKERS has the perfect ratio of peanuts, chocolate, caramel and nougat. Maybe thats why its the most widely consumed candy bar in the world?

Isnt she a beauty?
Weighing in at 57g the SNICKERS has around 270 calories and 28g of sugar
Eat up crusaders its good for your soul.
8 out of10

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