Monday, April 4, 2011

So Delicious It Should Be Criminal

Now Crusaders,

I am from Chicago. So recently I have been inspired by one of my idols David Leibovitz to write about Garett's Popcorn. He is in Chicago now and has been lucky enough to get to try some for the first time.

The Holy Grail is no secret. Its Garett's Popcorn. Yes I do realize this blog has not covered 'candy' so much per se, however this sh*t is so beyond delicious that monuments should be built in its honor. Seriously. You have not lived until you have tried the infamous Chicago Mix from the even more famous, Garett's Popcorn.

Garett's popcorn is a Chicago staple. When you come to the CHI you need to try 3 things: deep dish pizza, a chicago style dog and Garett's popcorn. Around the holidays, people stand in the freezing Chicago winter for hours, just to get their hands on some. Yeah, this is the big leagues.

Now if here is one thing that I do not ever do (consciously at least) is judge food and even more so... dessert. The more disgusting/interesting the food sounds, the more I am intrigued. Its cause I am obsessed with sweets. It's a problem.

The Chicago Mix (don't judge) is THE classic combination of Garrett's rich, coma-enducing, crunchy caramel corn and their salty, buttery cheese corn. Yes Crusaders, it is a combination of caramel and cheese corn and yes. It will make you eternally happy, and your fingers eternally yellow.

Garrett's popcorn is a Chicago staple, an icon if you may... its even one of Oprah's favorite things. Part of what makes it so good Is that they use 2 different types of popcorn. The mushroom and the butterfly variety (which is new news to me. thanks David Leibovitz!). The two help to create a texture in which the caramel and cheese can settle into the different depth crevices to create the perfect balance. Harmony has never tasted so good....
See if you can spot the 'mushroom capped' kernals vs. the butterfly kernels

Now the pastry mastermind David Leibovitz got to go legit BEHIND THE SCENES and get a never before sneak peek into the manufacturing of this food of the gods. I am so jealous I am foaming that the mouth. okay not really, but check out his amazing action shots here:

Now luckily for everyone Garrett's ships anywhere in the USA! They do have special holiday flavors, caramel crisp with almonds, cashews or macadamia nuts as well as plain (or as I like to call it: Naked Corn), but the Chicago mix is the best. Duh.  The Chicago pack (ordered on Lou Comes with 2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas...holy amazing.

                        Eat up Crusaders, you will want a large tin and elastic pants. Its good for you.
                                                                           Trust me.

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